Academic Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. (2016) — Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology — Arizona State University
          Thesis Supervisory Committee: David Guston (chair), Ed Finn, and Thaddeus Miller.
          Dissertation: Selling Smartness: Visions and Politics of the Smart City
          Field Exams:
                   – Political Economy of (Urban) Sociotechnical Systems
                   – Methods and Approaches for Studying Sociotechnical Futures

M.A. (2013) — Applied Ethics and the Professions — Arizona State University

B.S. (2012) — Philosophy — Rochester Institute of Technology

Academic Positions

Autumn 2017 to Present:
• Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Smart Cities
• University of Sydney
• School of Architecture, Design and Planning
• Sydney, Australia

Autumn 2016 to Autumn 2017:
• Visiting Lecturer in Ethics of Technology
• Delft University of Technology
• Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
• Department of Values, Technology and Innovation
• Section of Ethics/Philosophy of Technology
• Delft, The Netherlands

Academic Affiliations

Autumn 2017 to Present
• Member
• Smart Urbanism Lab and Design Lab
• University of Sydney
• Sydney, Australia

Autumn 2016 to Present:
• Member
• 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology
• University of Twente
• Enschede, The Netherlands

Graduate Research Experience

Autumn 2013 to Spring 2015:
Graduate Research Assistant for the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project | 1818 – 2018.

Autumn 2012 to Spring 2013:
Research Assistant in the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS-ASU) for a project on the anticipatory governance of complex engineered nanomaterials.

Autumn 2012 to Autumn 2013:
Part of the team that designed, implemented, and analyzed a public engagement with science and technology project within CNS-ASU called Futurescape City Tours.

Winter 2010 to Spring 2012:
Undergraduate Research Assistant on National Science Foundation project #1037236, “An Experiential Pedagogy for Sustainability Ethics.”

Professional Experience

Summer 2013:
Intern at Slate Magazine, with the Future Tense section, where I wrote news reports and opinionated commentary about technology and society.

Teaching Experience

Courses taught as faculty:
1) Sustainability Science, Technology, and Society (undergrad, [online only])
2) Technology, Innovation, and Ethics for Companies (undergrad)
3) Philosophy of Engineering, Science and Design (undergrad)
4) Information Technology and Values (undergrad)
5) Philosophy, Technology Assessment, and Ethics for Civil Engineering (undergrad)
6) Ethics and Engineering (graduate)
7) Responsible Innovation (graduate)
8) Critical Reflections on Technology (graduate)
9) Ethics and Aerospace Engineering (graduate)
10) Climate Change: Science & Ethics (graduate)
11) Philosophy and Ethics in Nanobiology (graduate)

Courses taught as a teaching assistant:
1) Sustainability Ethics (undergrad)
2) Earth Systems Engineering and Management (undergrad)
3) Technology and Society (undergrad)
4) Human and Social Dimensions of Climate Change (graduate)

Courses designed and developed:
1) Professional Ethics for Engineers (MOOC on EdX platform)
2) Design for Values (MOOC on EdX platform)

Research Grants

Energy: Its Institutions, Networks, and Lived Experiences | Chester L, Bryant G, Elliot A, Pearse J, Sadowski J, Chandrashekeran S, and Weller S | SSPS Collaborative Research Support Scheme | $7,820

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Selin C, Rawlings KC, de Ridder-Vignone K, Sadowski J, Allende CA, Gano G, Davies S, and Guston DH. (2017). “Experiments in Engagement: Designing Public Engagement with Science and Technology for Capacity Building.” Public Understanding of Science 26 (6): 634-649.

Halpern MK, Sadowski J, Eschrich J, Finn E, and Guston DH. (2016). “Stitching Together Creativity and Responsibility: Interpreting Frankenstein Across Disciplines.” Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society. 36 (1): 49-57. [Part of special issue: “Science and Science Fiction”]

Sadowski J and Guston DH. (2016). “'You Caught Me Off Guard': Probing the Futures of Complex Engineered Nanomaterials.” Journal of Nanoparticle Research 18 (7): 208. [Part of special issue: “Anticipatory Governance of Complex Engineered Nanomaterials”]

Sadowski J and Pasquale F. (2015). “The Spectrum of Control: A Social Theory of the Smart City.” First Monday 20 (7): n.p. (online).
** Translated into German for the Analysen series published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Sadowski J and Guston DH. (2015). "Technology Assessment in the USA: Distributed Institutional Governance." Technology Assessment – Theory and Practice 24 (1): 53-59. [Invited article for special issue: “TA as an Institutionalized Practice – Recent National Developments and Challenges”]

Sadowski J. (2015). "Office of Technology Assessment: History, Implementation, and Participatory Critique." Technology in Society 42: 9-20.

Sadowski J. (2014). "Leaning on the Ethical Crutch: A Critique of Codes of Ethics." IEEE Technology and Society Magazine 33 (4): 44-47, 72. [Featured article]

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Sadowski J, Seager TP, Selinger E, Spierre SG, and Whyte KP. (2013). "An Experiential, Game-Theoretic Pedagogy for Sustainability Ethics." Science and Engineering Ethics 19 (3): 1323-1339.

Whyte KP, Selinger E, Caplan A, and Sadowski J. (2012). "Nudge, Nudge or Shove, Shove – What to do to Increase the Supply of Donated Organs." American Journal of Bioethics 12 (2): 32-39. [Four commentaries on this article were published in the same issue]
** Reprinted in Replacement Parts: The Ethics of Organ Procurement and Transplantation in Human. (2015). Eds., Caplan AL, McCartney JJ, and Reid D. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press.

Book Chapters and Non-Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Selin C. and Sadowski J. (2015). "Against Blank Slate Futuring: Noticing Obduracy in the City through Experiential Methods of Public Engagement." In J. Chilvers and M. Kearnes (Eds.), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics (pp. 218-237). New York: Routledge. [Individually Reviewed Chapter].

Selinger E, Sadowski J, and Seager TP. (2015). "Gamification and Morality." In S.P. Waltz and S. Deterding (eds.), The Gameful World: Approaches, Issues, Applications,  p. 371-392. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [Individually Reviewed Chapter].

Conference Presentations and Proceedings

Maalsen S. and Sadowski J. (2018). “Data Factory: The Smart Home as a Space of Extraction.” Conference of Irish Geographers. Maynooth, Ireland, May 10-12.

Sadowski J. (2018). “Studying (and Building) the Smart City: Blurred Boundaries Between Researcher and Adviser.” American Association of Geographers. New Orleans, LA, April 10-14.

Maalsen S. and Sadowski J. (2018). “Data Factory: The Smart Home as a Space of Extraction.” Housing Theory Symposium. Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, February 5-6.

Sadowski J. (2017). “Parameters of Possibility: Envisioning and Constructing the Smart Urban Future.” Society for Philosophy and Technology. Darmstadt, Germany, June 14-17.

Sadowski J. (2017). “Algorithms-as-Experts: Or, How Judges Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Algorithms.” Studies of Expertise and Experience Workshop. Geneva, Switzerland, May 19-21.

Sadowski J. (2016). "Manufacturing Experts: Politics and Expertise in the Smart City." Studies of Expertise and Experience Workshop. Cardiff, Wales, May 25-29.

Sadowski J. (2016). “Access Denied: Data, Scoring, and Mobility Restrictions in the Smart City.” American Association of Geographers. San Francisco, CA, September 28 - April 2.

Sadowski J. (2015). “Selling Smartness: How Technology Corporations Shape ‘Smart City’ Policy.” Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics. Scottsdale, AZ, May 26-28.

Sadowski J. (2015). “The Expertise of (Public) Tech Criticism.” Studies of Expertise and Experience Workshop. Cardiff, Wales, May 8-10.

Sadowski J. (2014). "(Urban) Politics and Obduracy: Persistent Power and Resistant Technologies." Society for Social Studies of Science. Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 19-23.

Sadowski J. (2014). "The Essence of Technocracy. And, What Role for Cardiff?" Studies of Expertise and Experience Workshop. Waterloo, Ontario, June 9-12.

Sadowski J. (2013). "Intervention Points in Innovation Systems." The Dupont Summit. Washington DC, December 6.

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Seager TP, Selinger E, Spierre SG, & Sadowski J. (2011). "Understanding Technology as a Medium for Moderating Ethical Experimentation in Games." TEDxASU West. Glendale, AZ, April 30.

Invited: Presentations, Lectures, and Workshop Participation

April 2017:
Discussant and Panelist at the workshop on Ethics in Natural Language Processing, at the annual meeting of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics in Valencia, Spain.

September 2016:
“Against Austerity and Accumulation: A ‘Digital Deal’ for Smart City Governance,” at the workshop on Creating Smart Cities, at Maynooth University, Ireland. [Sponsored by the European Research Council and the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis].

October 2015:
“Expert Interviews About Complex Engineered Nanomaterials,” at the workshop on Next Generation Nano Governacnce, at American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C. [Sponsored by National Science Foundation and American Chemical Society].

July 2015: 
“Sensing Cities, Detecting Politics: Smart Cities and the Techno-Politics of Urban Life,” at the workshop on Sensor Technologies and the Human Experience, at Institute for Advanced Study, Technische Universität München in Munich, Germany.

November 2014:
“From Mega-Machines to Mega-Algorithms: Digitization, Datification, and Dividualization," at the conference Digital Labor: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, Barricades, at New School for Social Research in Manhattan, NY.

October 2014:
Gave a guest lecture, “Borders, Movement, and Techno-Societies of Control,” in a class called Intro to Global Politics, taught by Eyal Bar at Arizona State University [~50 students].

June 2014:
Participated in the 7th Annual Meeting of Studies of Expertise and Experience, organized by Drs. Harry Collins, Rob Evans, and Martin Weinel, in Waterloo, Ontario.

May 2014:
Moderated the panel “Ethics in Practice” for the Legal and Ethical Issues in Societal Verification Workshop—an invite-only, closed-door, off-the-record event sponsored by the Sandia National Laboratories, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and the UC Berkeley Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, with support from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance Key Verification Assets Fund (V Fund).

November 2013:
Interacted with students and answered questions as a “guest tweeter,” after they read a handful of my media articles, in a class called Structure of Information taught by Dr. Mary Chayko at Rutgers University.

October 2013:
Participated on a panel of discussants for a talk by synthetic biologist Dr. Rob Carlson on the topic of “Food, Energy, and the Future” at Arizona State University.

April 2013:
Interacting with students and answering questions as a “guest tweeter” in a class called Leadership in Digital Contexts taught by Dr. Mary Chayko at Rutgers University.

June 2012:
Participated in the 6th Annual Meeting of Studies of Expertise and Experience, organized by Drs. Harry Collins, Rob Evans, and Martin Weinel at Cardiff University, Wales.

April 2012:
Delivered a sustainability ethics game to an environmental ethics philosophy seminar taught by Dr. David Schmidtz at University of Arizona [~30 Students].

March 2012:
Gave two guest lectures and facilitated a sustainability ethics games to a class called Self, Society, and Technology taught by Dr. Kyle Whyte at Michigan State University [~300 students].

October 2011:
Gave two guest lectures and facilitated two sustainability ethics games to an environmental engineering class taught by Dr. Jackie Issacs at Northeastern University [~40 students].

October 2011:
“Using Experiential Games for Multi-University Sustainability Ethics Education." International Workshop on Engerineering Ethics for a Globalized World. Doha, Qatar.

Conference and Workshop Organization

April 2014:
Co-directed a multi-day, National Science Foundation-funded workshop called, “Multi-disciplinary Workshop on Scientific Creativity and Societal Responsibility,” at Arizona State University.

March 2013:
Conducted a three-hour workshop titled, “Using Non-Cooperative Experiential Games to Teach Sustainability Ethics.” The workshop was part of the Advancing Public Philosophy Conference in Atlanta, GA.

May 2012:
Co-directed a National Science Foundation-funded workshop on sustainability ethics education. The workshop was also affiliated with the International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology in Boston, MA.

June 2011:
Co-directed a multi-day, National Science Foundation-funded workshop on sustainability ethics education in Troy, NY.

May 2011:
Co-directed 2nd Annual Rochester Institute of Technology Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

May 2010:
Co-directed 1st Annual Rochester Institute of Technology Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

Broadcast Media Appearances

"Future Tense," ABC Radio National

"The Current," CBC National Radio.

“Leading Britain’s Conversation,” UK national radio.

“Have Your Say” on BBC World Radio, simulcasted on NPR.

“The Arlene Bynon Show” on Canada Talks SiriusXM Radio.

“Morning Shift with Tony Sarabia” on WBEZ, Chicago’s local NPR station.

Print and Online Media Appearances

I have provided interviews to journalists and my work has been cited in newspaper articles from many major outlets such as Financial Times, ABC News, Los Angeles Times, New Republic, and WIRED Magazine.

Referee for Research Grant Proposals

• Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Referee for Academic Book Publishers

• The MIT Press

Referee for Peer-Reviewed Journals

• Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
• CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action
• Big Data & Society
• First Monday
• NanoEthics
• Science as Culture
• Human Ecology
• Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography
• Journal of Urban Technology
• Journal of Responsible Innovation
• Science and Engineering Ethics
• Journal of Social Philosophy
• Philosophy & Technology