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I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Smart Cities at the University of Sydney. In 2016, I finished my PhD in the "Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology" from Arizona State University.

I critically analyse the techno-politics of "smart systems" that are data-driven, networked, and (semi-)automated. My research focuses on three broad aspects related to the design and use of technology: interests, imperatives, and impacts. Whose interests are represented, who’s included, who benefits? And whose interests are erased, who’s excluded, who loses? What are the ideologies, principles, and goals that drive how and why technology is deployed? How does technology impact people's lives and shape different places like our homes and cities.  Combined with an interdisciplinary approach that includes technology studies, political economy, and urban geography, these questions guide how I study smart systems.

I am also a freelance writer. I've published features, op-eds, and book reviews about the politics/ethics of technology for many popular media outlets, such as The Guardian, The Nation, and Al Jazeera America. See the media articles tab for a list of my pubs. If you want to commission work, please contact me via email or twitter.

Email: Jathan.Sadowski [at] sydney.edu.au
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